Case Study

The “More-Ingredients-More-Problems” Problem

The Problem

According to the International Food Council, 63% of consumers say they pay more attention to the ingredient list on foods and beverages than they did five years ago.

The Opportunity

Despite owning the #1 share in retail refrigerated mashed potatoes, a leading food manufacturer needed to improve their ingredient list to satisfy growing consumer demand.

The Solution

We developed a delicious potato blend with only seven ingredients, that fit the clean standards of our customer. The new blend offers an improved nutritional profile – with less fat and calories.

The Result

Not only did our solution deliver an improved nutritional that drove retail sales 15%, but it also provided operational efficiencies that generated $2MM in annual savings for our customer.

SKU Reduction

One SKU is all that’s needed to take mashed potatoes to the next level.

Business Growth

By scaling production, we helped grow our customer’s retail business by 15%.

Reduced Manufacturing Costs

With this new product, our manufacturing partner generated over $2 million in annual cost savings.

Got a problem?

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