Blends & Bases

A simpler way to “homemade.”

Our Blends & Bases platform offers clean, speed-scratch solutions that deliver significant savings in time, labor, packaging and logistics.

Featured Capabilities

But wait, there’s more!

Check out a few more of our custom speed-scratch solutions.

Beurre Blanc

Just one base delivers chef-quality flavor with fewer ingredients and less time compared to traditional methods.

Scramble Base

Multiple ingredients in one base that adds creaminess, fluffiness and texture to finished scrambled eggs.

Features and Benefits

Time Savings

Cut down prep time, increase throughput and improve service.

Made-Fresh Claim

Deliver consistent flavor with a “made-from-scratch” claim.

Reduce Labor

Easy to prep and customize without pricey skilled labor.

Case Studies

The “Lack-of-Back-of-House-Labor” Problem

Because chefs are too busy to make sauces from scratch.

The “More-Ingredients-More-Problems” Problem

Because consumers want to know what’s in their food.

What problem are you solving?

Don’t be fooled by what you don’t see! Our dynamic team of problem solvers has capabilities and experience far beyond a few words on a page. Contact us with your unique problem – We crave the challenge!

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