Case Study

The “Lack-of-Back-of-House-Labor” Problem

The Problem

COVID-19 decimated the foodservice industry, so when in-dining restrictions were lifted, operators were faced with one of the worst labor markets in food service history. Finding – and keeping – skilled back-of-house labor had never been harder before.

The Opportunity

A 250-unit national restaurant chain needed a signature sauce to deliver ‘made from scratch’ flavor, labor savings, and consistent taste and performance under the harshest conditions.

The Solution

We developed a stable, clean-label mother sauce base made for customization, so it could create a wide range of signature sauces.

The Result

Our freeze-thaw product is packed in pouches for a cost-effective solution that reduces freight and labor costs – while bringing authentic flavor to finished dishes.

Improved Performance

The product held up in sauté application allowing the chain to add a deglazing step back into recipes for more flavor.

Less Waste & Prep

Because it wouldn’t separate over multiple heats and chill cycles, there was less waste and prep time.

Secured Consistency

With no need for skilled labor, consistency was created across shifts and locations.

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