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Alexis Frost

Alexis is a flavor futurist, often discovering new “menu hacks” from the most well-known QSRs. Her creative flair has won her millions of followers and a spot on Nation’s Restaurant News’ 2024 Power List.

Instagram: @lex.loves_

TikTok: @alexis.frost

Flavors Brought To You By Alexis Frost

Chimichurri Ranch

If you’re like Alexis, then you believe that Chimichurri is an underrated flavor. Take the freshness of cilantro and lime and combine it with the savoriness of ranch? Say less.

Peach Habanero

You read that right! Peach Habanero is a pretty unique flavor but we guarantee when you taste it, one simple question will come to mind “Where have you been all my life?”

Smoky Hot Honey

Alexis loves sweet heat and together we developed this Smoky Hot Honey. You can put this stuff on anything (literally) but we 10/10 suggest fries.

Cajun Dill Pickle

Sure, pickles can be polarizing to some… but not to Gen Z. This sauce features all the mouth-watering flavors of cajun spices, pickles, ranch, garlic, onion and pepper.

Lemon Pepper Buffalo

Alexis loves an easy-to-modify food hack so we blended together lemon pepper + buffalo to develop this volume driving flavor.

Matt James

Matt first gained attention when he appeared on Season 25 of The Bachelor. Now, he has cultivated an impressive online following of flavor-curious food lovers. Which makes sense, because his taste buds have seen the world and just about every restaurant in NYC.

Instagram: @mattjames919

TikTok: @mattjames9191

Flavors Brought To You By Matt James

Pizza Ranch

Turning menu items (like pizza) into flavors (like pizza ranch) is a growing theme we’re seeing on menus today… and we’re here for it.

Carolina Mustard BBQ

Paying homage to Matt’s North Carolina roots, this Carolina Mustard BBQ features mustard, vinegar, smoke and brown sugar.

Dill Pickle Ranch

Two of the most timeless creations (dill pickles + ranch) come together forming a united front in the flavor game.

Spicy Sicilian

The key flavors of Italian foods that we all know and love, but formulated into a sauce that could be used on, like, anything.

Hot Honey BBQ Ranch

The savoriness of BBQ, the addictiveness of ranch, with a little bit of heat (and sweet!) from the hot honey makes for a perfect fry toss.

Nate Llorin

Not only does Nate’s audience value his viral in-car menu reviews new flavors and menu releases, but McDonald’s rang him up for a saucy commercial. His pronounced love for fast food and sauces makes Nate the ideal fit for a Gen Z-focused flavor campaign.

Instagram: @natelo98

TikTok: @natelovlogs

Flavors Brought To You By Nate Llorin

Asian Aloha

Rich Korean BBQ meets bright Hawaiian flavors in this global-fusion that packs a sweet and spicy punch.

Sour Power

Nate’s take on sweet & sour features an unexpected kick of heat with a sweet and tangy finish.

Asian Chili Crisp

Crunchy garlic and onion flavors blended with just the right amount of heat; Your new go-to sauce.

Ginger Wasabi

Delicate and sweet with that unmistakable wasabi heat.

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