Case Study

The “Pack-It-With-Protein” Problem

The Problem

Consumers want more performance from the foods they eat and protein is high on the list. Since 2017, menu items containing “protein” have increased 74.7%.

The Opportunity

A national food manufacturer wanted to add more protein to its egg products to improve their nutritional profile and texture. But the flavor had to be neutral and the label had to be clean.

The Solution

We developed a custom protein base with clean ingredients, clean flavor, and no texture issues. The base improved the quality and mouthfeel of the finished egg products.

The Result

We produced the protein base in bulk providing a versatile ingredient that can be easily added to a range of products in the manufacturing process.

Consumer Demands

Consumers now reap the benefits of incorporating more protein into their diets.

Bulk Production

Through our manufacturing network, we were able to produce the protein base in bulk for the customer.


Due to the flavor-neutral profile, this product can be used in a wide range of high-protein applications.

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