Custom Ingredient Solutions to Feed Your Needs

We know that no two problems are alike. Sometimes you need a clean, smart and fully customized solution made at warp speed.

Flavor Delivery

Craveable creations that deliver flavor in all the right ways – from sauces and glazes to compound butters and sweet filings – our team develops custom tastes that drive volume.

Blends & Bases

High-quality, high-efficiency solutions that deliver significant savings in time, labor, packaging and logistics. Our blends and bases allow for speed-scratch applications that perform and taste better.


With a mission beyond just flavor and performance, our functional ingredients and technologies deliver alternative health benefits.


Our plant-based portfolio spans a range of consumer demands using unique combinations that deliver flavor, texture and performance in beverages, sauces and beyond.


We have expansive capabilities to support on-trend beverage programs from liquid dairy and concentrates to smoothies, coffee and toppers.

Dairy Essentials

Fresh, delicious, high-quality dairy. With our unsurpassed dairy market knowledge and risk management capabilities, you’ll get the best dairy at the right price.


Feast Your Eyes On The Future

If you can’t tell by now, we’re not your average food company. We’re a multidimensional problem-solving organization and we love problems so much that we’re building a place to chew on them every day! This first-of-its-kind facility will deliver food innovation from research to rollout, all under one roof at unparalleled speed. Opening early 2022.

Innovation Center

Our new 48,000 sq ft. Innovation Center in Jacksonville, Florida is a foodie’s playground. And you’ll have an all-access pass in 2022.

Show Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of our Innovation Center! This showpiece features a 40 ft. bar and a floor to ceiling glass enclosure.

R&D Lab

Our R&D lab is fitted with cutting-edge equipment and extensive quality assurance and quality control capabilities.

R&D Test Kitchen

Our team can replicate the BOH of any operation, creating the ultimate pressure test to proof your concept.

Sensory Department

Located in one of the top test markets in the U.S., our fully functional sensory department is the ideal place to test and learn.

Break Room

This multi-purpose mecca is the ideal space to reconnect and reenergize the solver within!

Rooftop Patio

All work and no play? Not at Rubix. After a long day of tackling problems, join us on the rooftop at the Block Party Deck.

Be The First to Tour

See it, feel it, taste it for yourself. From virtual tours to in-person working sessions, sign up to receive regular sneak peeks into (y)our new innovation center.


    From Research to Rollout

    The problems that keep you up at night are the ones that get us out of bed in the morning. At all stages of the food innovation cycle, we have the team and approach to get the job done.


    The search is always on! We have a dedicated team of problem seekers who work with our Innovation department to identify trends and insights that present opportunities in the marketplace.


    You can’t have big ideas without big problems! Our teams work together to develop formulas and concepts that deliver against the needs and demands of the industry. May the best idea win!


    Innovation is an art. Our food scientists and culinary teams collaborate with customers to bring their concepts to life on the bench, experimenting and sensory testing formulas until we get it just right.


    It’s not a great idea unless it fits your specs! Our QA, Pricing, Supply Chain and Logistics teams work with product developers to pressure test and finalize formulas for commercialization.


    We believe in open-source innovation; It truly takes a village to get a product to launch! Once we’re there, it’s all-hands-on-deck to scale and commercialize your product.

    What’s your problem?