Case Study

The “SKUs-Must-Work-Harder” Problem

The Problem

Many operators have turned to SKU reduction to relieve supply chain pressures, cut costs and reduce waste. But, it can be difficult to eliminate SKUs without impacting your menu innovation.

The Opportunity

A casual dining chain needed to enhance flavor on a range of menu items – it needed to be a trendy and versatile solution that was also spreadable, clean label and cost-effective.

The Solution

Our team developed a cost-effective, freeze-thaw stable garlic butter blend – that’s both spreadable and scoopable – and delivered savory flavors across 5 featured menu items. 

The Result

The multipurpose butter blend delivered high-impact flavor on 5 core menu items – with room to grow. And because it was shipped frozen in pouches with a 1-year shelf life, our customer mitigated their waste problem, securing significant cost savings.

Developed a Multipurpose SKU on 5 Core Menu Items

Developed with menu versatility in mind, this multipurpose butter blend is scoopable, spreadable and virtually unbreakable.

Extended Shelf Life to 1 Year Reducing Waste

With a one-year frozen shelf life and freeze-thaw stable technology, the customer no longer worried about waste.

Rationalized Inventory Led to Surprising Cost Savings

Replacing several other SKUs with our freeze-thaw stable butter blend enabled our customer to ditch low-margin SKUs leading to cost savings.

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