Case Study

The “We-Want-More-For-Less” Problem

The Problem

Consumers are looking for flavorful meals with less fat and calories. From August 2020 to August 2021 Google searches for “low-fat recipes for dinner” increased 80% and “low-calorie meals” increased 60%.

The Opportunity

A national food manufacturer needed to reduce the butterfat in the cream it uses in soups and sauces. Not only would this decrease the fat and calories, but it would lead to lower input costs, too.

The Solution

We created a natural cream replacement specifically for soups and sauces to deliver the flavor, texture, and richness of heavy cream – with half the fat and cost.

The Result

Our natural cream replacement is delivered to the manufacturer in totes and tankers. The product substitution generates $3.5 million savings a year.

Immediate Returns, Delivering $3.5MM in Cost Savings Annually

Our cost-optimized natural cream replacement generated $3.5 million in annual savings.

Produced in Totes & Tankers for Added Distribution Flexibility

The product was formulated for production in both totes and tankers for added flexibility and distribution opportunities.

A Turnkey Formula That Functions in Kettle & Retort Processes

The natural cream replacement functions in both kettle and retort processes so there was no disruption to manufacturing.

Got a problem?

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