Case Study

The “Keep-It-Crispy” Problem

The Problem

Two things shook up the food industry in 2020 – pandemic dining restrictions and the chicken sandwich wars. So as operators competed for market share, they had to do so in an environment limited to delivery and takeout. Considering that the average delivery times range from 35-50 minutes (according to Beambox), keeping a fried chicken sandwich crispy while in route to a hungry consumer would require a unique solution.

The Opportunity

A leading QSR turned to us to create a flavorful, spicy glaze for their fried chicken sandwich. But, knowing that this sandwich had to cater to a new takeout and delivery audience, we had to make sure the crispy coating of the breaded chicken filet wouldn’t lose its integrity, so the chain’s customers would still get the full, crunchy experience.

The Solution

Our team knew that standard sauces or glazes weren’t an option because they easily absorb into breading over time, which causes fried food to lose its texture. Instead, we developed CrispKeeperTM, our unique glaze technology that delivers flavor while maintaining the integrity of their crispy, craveable coating.

The Result

After passing through sensory and test markets with glowing reviews, the chicken sandwich was rolled out to the QSR’s 6,000+ locations nationwide. So, did it win the chicken sandwich wars? CLUCK YEAH! Just ask the 55% of Datassential surveyors that said they would visit this restaurant specifically for this fried chicken sandwich. And because the spicy glaze was such a crowd-pleaser, it scored a permanent spot on the QSR’s menu. 

Manufacturing Network

We utilized our network of 50+ manufacturing partners to meet the distribution needs of the customer’s widespread geographical footprint.

Expedited Timeline

The glaze was fully commercialized 66% faster than the average timeframe and rolled out to all locations within two months of the final formula’s approval. 

Consumers Approved

Online reviews called this chicken sandwich “the best menu item” and complimented it for the “glaze to crispness ratio.”

Got a problem?

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