Case Study

The “Money-in-the-Trash” Problem

The Problem

Each year, about 54 million tons of food is wasted in the U.S. alone – that equates to about a quarter of a trillion dollars. What’s more, up to 10% of food purchased by restaurants is wasted before it even hits the table.

The Opportunity

The supply chain team for a 600-unit chain needed to reduce fresh dairy waste while bringing real dairy and scratch-made taste to the menu.

The Solution

We converted a fresh dairy sauce base to a frozen cream sauce base. With a clean label and less butterfat, the product provides the quality, flavor and functionality of fresh dairy – with freeze-thaw stability to minimize waste.

The Result

Our cream sauce base, which ships and stores frozen, was packed in 75-ounce freeze-thaw pouches, leading to reduced waste and pricing efficiencies that delivered significant cost savings.

Consistent Quality

Having one base helped create consistency across the menu.

Price Control

Because it ships and stores frozen, it insulates the supply chain from pricing fluctuations. 

Waste Reduction

By switching to the cream sauce base, the chain reduced their fresh dairy waste. 

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