Introducing Rubix Cloud

The better, faster, easier way to cold foam.

Packaged in easy-to-use aerosol cans for quality, consistency and reduced waste, all while eliminating the need for special equipment or training.

Why Operators 🧡 Rubix Cloud

Not only is Rubix Cloud versatile and on-trend (up 175% in the past 12 months), but it’s also highly profitable and operationally efficient.

Labor Savings

No special instructions or training needed. Simply apply before or after your beverage pour for desired effect and a consistent result every time.

Cost Optimized

A high-margin, value-added upsell for operators; Our studies show customers are willing to pay $1.25 more to add cold foam to a standard menu item.

Waste Reduction

Dispense only what you need directly into the beverage, without measuring, pouring, rinsing, frothing or blending – saving time and maximizing product usage.

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    What Consumers Told Us

    Don’t just take our word for it! Your customers love it too. Here’s what they told us in a study conducted on Rubix Cold Foam at the University of Florida.

    They love it.

    91% of consumers preferred Rubix Cold Foam over other in-market competitors.

    They’ll pay more for it.

    77% of consumers are somewhat or definitely likely to spend more for a beverage with our cold foam.

    They’ll seek it out.

    58% of consumers would visit a location just for our cold foam and 75% are more likely to drink coffee in additional dayparts if it has cold foam.

    The “Add-The-Cold-Foam-Hold-The-Headache” Problem

    A leading coffee chain had a gap in their menu that only cold foam could fill. But, there were problems. Traditional cold foam required special equipment, was time consuming, inconsistent, and produced excess waste. See the solution we developed for this QSR.

    Cloud Concepts

    Rubix Cloud isn’t JUST for cold coffees – it works on all types of hot and cold beverages! Here’s a small taste of Rubix Cloud’s versatility.

    Iced Matcha Latte with Rubix Cold Foam

    Iced Matcha Latte

    Matcha latte, poured over ice, topped with Rubix Cloud Foam and garnished with matcha powder.

    Mayan Mocha with Rubix Cold Foam

    Mayan Mocha

    Mocha latte infused with cayenne pepper syrup, topped with Rubix Cloud Foam and garnished with cocoa powder.

    Chai Tea Latte with Rubix Cold Foam

    Dirty Chai Tea Latte

    Espresso, poured over chai tea latte shaken with ice, topped with Rubix Cloud Foam.

    Raspberry Smoothie

    Raspberry puree blended with ice, topped with Rubix Cloud Foam.

    Got a problem?

    Good. We love problems! Tell us a little more about your food challenges and together, we’ll Rubix It!