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Flavor in 50: Spicy Maple, Black Garlic, Churro

Flavor in 50 is a monthly video series where we explore rapidly growing food trends at a rapidly fast pace. These are the flavors we’ve analyzed in the past few months that are the most deserving of their 50 seconds of fame.

Spicy Maple

Spicy Maple is as contradicting as it is addicting. We know the food industry loves to make things spicy… and maple is no different. Spicy Maple is anticipated to be “the next hot honey” so expect to see it on pizza, bowls, desserts, beverages, or any other menupart in need of a swicy upgrade.

Black Garlic

Black Garlic is white garlic heated at a high humidity for an extended period of time which changes the taste and color. It has a slightly-sweet flavor with hints of balsamic and tamarind making Black Garlic a versatile find. While it’s only available on 2% of menus today, health-conscious consumers will drive Black Garlic’s growth as they become more familiar with its health benefits.


Fried dough covered in cinnamon sugar? Say less. Churro’s origin story dates back to 16th century Spain and has since become a hero on dessert menus. That’s all because of the growing demand for nostalgic foods driven by Gen Z and Millennial consumers. While unique twists on churro can be found nearly everywhere, the next chapter in churro’s story will be focused on breakfast.

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